Med Cruise 1985

Memories of Cruising the Med?

Neptunia c.1985 Neptunia c.1985

During a holiday discussion the other day, the subject of cruises cropped up.

How could I forget my first ever cruise, BVGS travelled to the Med courtessy of Schools Abroad in February 1985?

Whilst trying to find some detail around the ship (ferry!) online, I came across this picture.

This is the ferry we were on for 10 days: The Neptunia. Why were we on a car ferry for a Med cruise? Well, the Neptunia was standing (sailing?) in, whilst the usual ship, the Uganda had been tasked as a hospital ship during the Falklands conflict.

Did I fall in love with cruise holidays, or was I put off for life? Hummm.

Anyone else have memories of this or any other trips?